MetaProducts Portable Offline Browser 6 Download

MetaProducts Portable Offline
Browser v6.6 2013 Free Download

portable browser download

Portable Offline Browser is a software program that can help you download websites,
so you can easily explore them offline when you don’t have an Internet
connection available. Portable Offline Browser lets you take the web site with
you when you travel with your laptop computer. When the flight attendants ask
everybody to disconnect from the Internet, you still have your web sites on
your hard drive. Even if the online content moves or changes, your files are
still intact. You can even save streaming audio and video files to your hard
disk, and play them back at the highest quality. And its powerful export
feature allows you to share and transfer files, or burn them to CD in normal or
Autorun mode. Best of all, the downloaded web sites can be viewed on Windows,
Macintosh, and Linux computers also. Isn't It cool ?


Portable Browser New Features:

  1. Can be installed to work from a USB drive

  2. Very fast, easy and reliable file retrieval from the
    Web including FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, MMS, RTSP and NSV (SHOUTcast) sites

  3. Download up to 500 files simultaneously

  4. Downloaded web sites may be viewed with your external
    browser or with our Internal Browser. (Note: this option requires MSIE
    3.02 or higher.)

  5. Downloaded Web pages may be printed from the Internal
    Browser. It is also possible to print the whole site at once.

  6. Downloaded Web sites may be published on the Web or
    exported to any other directory

  7. Since Offline Explorer uses relative path translation,
    downloaded files can be easily relocated

  8. Supports Drag-and-Drop links from Browsers

Total Program Size: 12.23 MB

How to Install :

1. UnRAR the software

2. Install

Download Now

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